Canon DSLR cameras combined with the VIEW Intervalometer makes it super

easy to achieve the holy-grail timelapse sequence.

Full list of compatible and supported Canon Cameras:

  • Canon EOS R

  • Canon 1100D

  • Canon 1200D

  • Canon 1300D

  • Canon 1D Mark IV

  • Canon 1D X

  • Canon 1D X MarkII

  • Canon 200D

  • Canon 500D

  • Canon 50D

  • Canon 550D

  • Canon 5D Mark II

  • Canon 5D Mark III

  • Canon 5D Mark IV

  • Canon 5DS

  • Canon 5DS R

  • Canon 600D

  • Canon 60D

  • Canon 650D

  • Canon 6D

  • Canon 6D Mark II

  • Canon 700D

  • Canon 70D

  • Canon 750D

  • Canon 760D

  • Canon 77D

  • Canon 7D

  • Canon 7D MarkII

  • Canon 800D

  • Canon 80D

  • Canon 9000D

  • Canon Kiss X3

  • Canon Kiss X4

  • Canon Kiss X5

  • Canon Kiss X50

  • Canon Kiss X6i

  • Canon Rebel SL2

  • Canon Rebel T1i

  • Canon Rebel T2i

  • Canon Rebel T3

  • Canon Rebel T3i

  • Canon Rebel T4i

  • Canon Rebel T5

  • Canon Rebel T5i

  • Canon Rebel T6

  • Canon Rebel T6S

  • Canon Rebel T6i

  • Canon Rebel T7i


Timelapse+ VIEW Intervelometer

The VIEW is a 100% custom hardware design, with every detail being considered in the design process.  It is meant to be used in extreme conditions and can be operated with gloves.  While touch screens are nice in optimal conditions, they're not what you want to use at -40°, so the design incorporates a simple menu interface with tactile buttons and a knob for scrolling and modifying settings.

Our Intervelometer Has It All

We want to make it easy to create timelapses. Timelapse+ is built on top of automation, which lets us do the heavy lifting—so you can spend more time creating.

Our hardware and software has been trusted by global brands worldwide, who have trusted us to help them achieve the next generaiton of Timelapse photography. In 2023, we are aligning our focus to solely develop software for Intelligent Timelapse™.

What's Included

Intervalometer / Camera Controller

Remote Live View

Real-time instant preview of time-lapse

Fully automated day-to-night and night-to-day exposure ramping,

Wide temperature range

Motion integration

15+ hour run time with internal rechargeable battery

Long-term/scheduled time-lapse

-40°C to +50°C operating temperature range

Color 160x128 OLED color screen display

Micro-USB charging port, can be powered during use

USB camera port can support hubs for multiple cameras

Full-size SD Card slot

WiFi interface for remote control via web app

BT interface for motion control integration

Auxiliary TRS ports for motion sync (open drain)

Powerful 640MHz ARM processor with 512MB DDR3

Optional internal GPS module

Gesture Sensor for non-contact operation

Ambient Light Sensor

9-axis Accelerometer/Gyroscope/Compass IMU

Compatible With Your Favorite Cameras

Our camera support system seamlessly integrates with popular camera brands like Nikon, Canon, Sony Alpha, Panasonic GH3/4/5, G9, Fuji X-T1/2/3/4, GFX, and Olympus OM-D. Whether you're a professional or a hobbyist, our system ensures optimal performance and compatibility, empowering you to capture stunning images with ease.

Hear From Our Customers

Phillip T.


Ive used my timelapse plus view for 2 years now and ive never had a problem with it ive used it with syrp genie, genie one and genie mini 1. No connection problems everything works fine great piece of kit and sorry to see no plans for anymore to be made but ive got mine so I'm happy.



Excellent product, does an amazing job with day to night transitions and Interfaces well with my Dynamic Perception gear. Elijah has provided stellar support when needed.



Simply work with great results.



The ability to create timelapses with minimum fuss and to be able to see progress simply by swiping your hand



The View is the easiest Ramper I have used, seamless with LRT, and the after sales is sublime.



Hallo, dieser kleine Intervalometer hat es in sich, unmöglich das jetzt alles zu beschreiben. Intervall Ramping, Auto Day/Night, GPS usw. Ich benutze ihn seit ein paar Monaten und bin sehr zufrieden, vor allem, dass man auch einen Slider Stage R 3 Axis steuern kann ohne eine extra App. Zu hause benutze ich mein WLAN und außerhalb TP LInk. Fuktioniert bestens. Ein paar wenige Kritikpunkte. Die Canon MK IV lässt sich weder über USB noch über WLAN steuern. Desweiteren lassen sich die Kameraeinstellungen während der " Arbeit" nicht mehr verändern anderst als bei qdslDashboard. Sehr umfangreiche Gerät welches sich über die View App steuern lässt. Alles in Allem ein hervorragender Intervalometer, in den Elijah sehr viel Arbeit investiert hat. Es rentiert sich dieses kleine Ding zu Kaufen. Joachim Sabow aus Deutschland



The view simplifies long-term timelapse and makes night-day and day-night transitions easy. For sure you need to practice and perfect the settings per your preferences, but once you get it dialed in you can setup and start shooting quickly. The resulting files are easy to work with in a post-processing software like LRTimelapse.



If you have ever tried to hit "the holy grail" of lighting, from day to night (or night to day) you would KNOW why this tool makes one happy! You can actually set it up and SLEEP instead of having to be wide awake for 2 hours diligently making adjustments. Seems that Elijah has thought of everything too. The View+ is sold, durable and has traveled with me thousands of miles from Death Valley to Maui, and is absolutely reliable. This is the kind of photography tool that can make you a pro.



facilité d'utilisation



Been using the View for over 2 years now mainly for Milky Way timelapse a and cannot say enough positives about it. Flexible and capable, it simplifies the complex process of holy grail transitions, and allows you to explore your creativity as opposed to your ability to program a sequence. It is of solid build, handles being outside for many hours, flexible powering options and continuously improving software makes it a must have for the budding timelapse creator. Well utilised support forums and direct support from Elijah the inventor of the product round out a fantastic user experience.



The Timelapse+ View is a great tool for my creative work. I'm impressed how much work Elijah is still investing into new software releases. Perfect investment I made ;)



No problem working with my nikon D810. I love it :)



Easy to use, good after-sale support by Elijah.



It works like a charm, never disappoint our client. Bravo, keep up the good work.



P.S. I like the View alot, but find it hard to setup.. For basic TL's it is easier to use a function within a camera.. they are more intuitive and less effort to set up, That is the only reason i gave it 3 stars.. But i give it 5 STARS on its ability to do what it is ment to do. It is the best for bulb ramping and taking TL's in transitioning light with no flicker. If thats the type of timelapse you want to take then this is the module for you :)



Overall a very easy to use piece of equipment



highlights for me is being able to set a day night time lapse going and not having to stand over my camera ramping the camera manually and risking getting light spill in my shots as it gets dark

Chris M.


The VIEW has become the most important tool in my bag with regards to Timelapse Photography. It has helped me to obtain access into the world of timelapse that I might not otherwise to able to have. The View makes timelapse easy and that's important to me. Studio works seamless in Lightroom and my timelapses look great. I have introduced pan motion into my work but am having problems with syncing. The VIEW no longer works with the Syrp Genie Mini 2, but I understand it does with the first generation Genie Mini so I have one coming and I'll see. Here is an example of a recent Day to Night timelapse I did shot with the VIEW, and my Nikon D600. The VIEW handled everything perfectly!



Great product created by a great photographer



This device is excellent to do night-day/day-night photography without touching a camera settings while taking pictures. It’s easy to set up, battery life is approx 5 hours and also i like the screen to check a progress during photography. There is only one problem with GPS settings. When i set up time and date to the device it shows incorrect data to compare with any app from my smartphone.



Very easy setup and fully automatic op. Now I can only focus on schedule and composition.Hope in-process ev edjustment and more accurate night to day trans ev control tweak in the future release.



Timelapse+ Offers me a nice bundle of features in a complete package. Great idea.



My original Time Lapse was malfunctioning and it was unable to be upgrade. Elijah sent me a new one immediately without amny hassle. My newly updated Timelapse works beautifully.



The VIEW is the perfect companion for shooting time lapses. It is intuitive to use, is reliable, has great battery life, and is updatable. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in time lapse photography.



I have always loved making timelapses which is often quite labor-intensive. Timelapse + VIEW is not only a feature-filled intervalometer but it also gives me an easy way to make timelapses, including creative timelapses. As an astrophotographer, I particularly like the way it can ramp exposures from day into night. The device works very well with my Canon 5D but it supports most other DSLR cameras. The instructions and technical support are very good and the learning curve is not so steep. I also love the preview screen which helps me keep a check on the exposures as they progress through a timelapse filming. This is a fantastic tool and I heartily recommend it.

Jay Anne


The VIEW makes it possible to capture perfectly exposed holy grail timelapse from sunset to sunrise and all the stars in between, and that’s just putting a dent in the power you have at your hands with this tool. I’ve been using it since the first year or so of its release, and have watched as the development has continued improve. It works with most cameras and the firmware is kept up to date with technology as new cameras are released. It works with motion control set ups. The app provides control that is easy to learn and use, while manual operation is also very simple to operate. The battery goes for more than 12 hours on one charge. There are many instructional videos available and there’s a Facebook group that’s helpful for guidance and troubleshooting, while at the same time the View has excellent customer service. I enjoy creating timelapse video art and as an artist, the View gives me a creative edge that makes it possible to get the footage I envision with complete confidence. I highly recommend it!



The timelapse+ it is a great piece of equipment, IMHO a must to be able to take great time lapses. It is not an off the shelve gadget, requires dedication and practise, once you master its operation you will wonder how come you never got it sooner. The resulting sunrises, sunsets and day to day time lapses will astound you. The backup and after sales service is second to none.



All-in-one solution and easy to use for all kind of timelaps pictures and series. Thanks you for this wonderful device!



Ease of use, I bought it to enable me to do "Holy Grail" time lapses and it does that brilliantly, as a big bonus it works seamlessly with my Dynamic Perception/NMX gear. For what it does it's a bargain



You've created magic! First try:



The Timelapse+ View has allowed my workshop students, book readers and myself to create amazing holy grail time lapses that would have been otherwise impossible. I personally use the View to fully control my camera in these situations - I just set it and forget it! Right now I'm just starting a new Resident Artist project for the Bell Museum at the University of Minnesota. The holy grail time lapses that will come out of the project will be shown in the Whitney and Elizabeth MacMillan Planetarium at the Bell; I know I can rely on the View to get these projects done right. Here are some examples:



This has simplified and improved my process whenI do time lapses. Well worth the $ to save so much time and improve the end product.



While this has been a long journey, Elijah has put a lot of effort into making this work. He has been responsive and it's just getting better as time progresses. I'm quite pleased that it works with my mirrorless Nikon Z7 in Silent shooting mode. An example of what I've been able to produce using this is at



In my opinion, it is the ultimate time-lapse device to automate the Holy Grail. Should it still be possible to shorten the interval times, e.g. for recordings of northern lights, the view would be almost perfect.



I have used the Timelapse+ for some time now and find it to be a great tool. Far superior to the functionality even in my latest mirrorless Canon. I consider it an essential component for any timelapse or even my regular starscape photography. I have now purchased a second Timelapse+ for my son as he embarks on shooting starscapes.



This is an amazing product



This little device makes Holy Grail timelapse videos so much easier. What also counts in its favor is that it is fairly obvious in use - nothing arcane in the menu system or operation. I love it.



Nothing on the market makes Day to Night timelapses this easy!



We have been using this product for a few a few months now and love it. On busy shoots where we're filming a million things at once, Timelapse plus lets us get up a timelapse and forget about it while we focus on other things. When we come back, the timelapse is always captured perfectly. Thanks guys!



Great piece of equipment . I would recommend any filmmaker to keep one in the camera bag



Great support and increased functionality of the View. After a few tries, working with the View is incredible easy, even when combined with a slider or a head.



Great product! Easy interface.



Superb product. Works as advertised. An invaluable tool to shoot timelapses, second only to the camera & lens! Highly recommended.



I have been making time lapse videos for a few years now and have tried various methods and devices to make holy grail time lapses with varying success. Having read about the Timelapse Plus View I decided to take the plunge and buy one and, after a little trial and error to work out the correct settings for my needs, have not been disappointed. Earlier this year I took a trip around the north of Scotland and across to Ireland and the View came with me making some beautiful time lapses along the way. What I like most is the fact that once I've set it up I can simply leave it for as long as I want and it does all of the hard work for me. I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone interested in time-lapse photography.



Easy to use, quick setup for Holy Grail shots. Great product!



Very Pro and very good equipment.



Awesome product

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