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Post Processing is not my favorite thing to being able to speed up that process with such a simple program, and in such a simple way ...wasn't something I thought I'd be able to do. I certainly recommend Timelapse+

Ryan Fowler

Timelapse+ drastically speeds up and simplifies your timelapse editing workflow.

Matthew Vandeputte

Timelapse+ is an impressive plug-in for Lightroom that allows you to quickly edit hundreds of files prior to assembling them into a video. This plug-in was built specifically for time-lapse creators and is extremely simple to use.

Antoine & Dalia Grelin

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From 13 Reviews

Features of Timelapse+

Group Photos by Timelapse

Quickly detect time-lapse sequences in the current library view (or your entire library if you need to get organized) and create a collection for each one. No more guessing where the first frame starts.

Automatically Identify Keyframes

Sunsets, holy-grail sequences and anything with changing conditions typically need white balance and other settings blended across many frames. The Keyframe feature will intelligently identify transitions and mark them with a star, so you can focus on editing and be confident of the results. STUDIO will select the minimum number of keyframes for a good result. And since STUDIO isn’t controlling, you have the freedom to star additional images if you want more keyframes for creative editing.

Blend Keyframes and Automate Transitions

Once you've edited each of the keyframed (starred) images, use the Blend tool to smoothly blend the settings between each keyframe. It can also animate the crop for a Ken-Burns effect or even animate brushes and gradients for crazy stuff. Feel free to edit however you want -- the blend tool will ensure a smooth output. In-camera exposure changes are handled automatically, too -- if you changed any camera settings during the time-lapse, don't worry -- the blend tool will feather each change across multiple frames so you get flicker-free results without abrupt changes.

Preview Inside Lightroom

Get a quick idea of how the time-lapse looks before waiting for it to export and render. Playback at various speeds and even scrub through frames.

Timelapse+ vs. Others


Keyframe Adjustments

Animate/Keyframe brushes, gradients

Auto Keyframe

Auto group timelapse

Use with Lightroom

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What Our Customers Say

I've been using another unnamed software program to create time lapses with different key frames. The previous one was extremely difficult to use, even after watching multiple tutorials on Youtube. Once I installed this Lightroom plug-in it was seriously as easy as a few mouse clicks. It gives you each step in order. You simply go down the list in order and the software does all the work for you. I used it on 4 different clips in a longer timelapse video I was working on. This seriously saved so much time and frustration. All in all, this is a wonderful piece of software and anyone who knows how to use Lightroom will have no trouble using it to create perfect timelapses.

Everrett B.

Verified Buyer

After spending hours trying to manually ramp my exposure in my time-lapses, I couldn't believe what a simple, quick and effective solution this was. It was like magic. Just a few clicks and a stunning time-lapse emerged that I wouldn't have been able to create without this. I thought it might be complicated to use or time consuming, but it so effortlessly solved all my problems that I feel pretty stupid for wasting hours trying to make my edits work without it.


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Incredibly useful lightroom plugin. Currently using it on a new time lapse project and it works exactly as presented. Wish I had thought to search for it years ago. Adobe should license the code from the dev and make it standard. It's pretty much essential for time lapse with any exposure differences between first and last frames. Can even control gradient and radial settings across sequences, which is awesome, and opens up an entirely new way for me to color grade.


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Love this plug-in. It is very simple and easy to use. Being all built into lightroom makes it worth the buy. I would recommend for sure. Makes making quick timelapse a breeze. If I need to crank out a quick timelapse ill use this over LRT since its quick and all in one. Wish it had a deflicker option but its totally worth the price.

Tom A.

Verified Buyer

The timelapse+ is a great tool to simplify timelapse in any scenario. easy to use for single day, sunset/sunrise, and really any other scenario I've thought to try. A great addition to have in the toolbox that is small, lightweight, and intuitive. Highly recommended- and great service from Elijah Parker to boot!

Jordan S.

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By far the easiest timelapse editor I've used, makes timelapse effortless without the hassle of some of the other editors.

Steev S.

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Awesome job with the STUDIO Plugin - far easier than LRTimelapse - congrats, where have you been hiding this :)

Levan R.

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Simple, streamlined UI, easy to figure out and works with all or almost all tools in LR.


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Fast workflow!


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Straightforward Pricing That Is Easy to Understand

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