Timelapse+ VIEW Intervalometer
Timelapse+ VIEW Intervalometer
Timelapse+ VIEW Intervalometer
Timelapse+ VIEW Intervalometer

Timelapse+ VIEW Intervalometer

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Included for Free: Timelapse+ STUDIO for VIEW users

The VIEW is a 100% custom hardware design, with every detail being considered in the design process.  It is meant to be used in extreme conditions and can be operated with gloves.  While touch screens are nice in optimal conditions, they're not what you want to use at -40°, so the design incorporates a simple menu interface with tactile buttons and a knob for scrolling and modifying settings.

  • Intervalometer / Camera Controller

  • Remote live view

  • Real-time instant preview of time-lapse

  • Fully automated day-to-night and night-to-day exposure ramping,

  • Wide temperature range

  • Motion integration

  • 15+ hour run time with internal rechargeable battery

  • Long-term/scheduled time-lapse

  • Micro-USB charging port, can be powered during use

  • -40°C to +50°C operating temperature range

  • Color 160x128 OLED color screen display

  • USB camera port can support hubs for multiple cameras

  • Full-size SD Card slot

  • WiFi interface for remote control via web app

  • BT interface for motion control integration

  • Auxiliary TRS ports for motion sync (open drain)

  • Powerful 640MHz ARM processor with 512MB DDR3

  • Optional internal GPS module

  • Ambient Light Sensor

  • Gesture Sensor for non-contact operation

  • 9-axis Accelerometer/Gyroscope/Compass IMU


Supported Cameras: Nikon, Canon, Sony Alpha, Panasonic GH3/4/5, G9, Fuji X-T1/2/3/4, GFX & Olympus OM-D. More details here.

Includes charging cable & USB cable for camera.

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