Timelapse+ STUDIO plugin for  Lightroom

Timelapse+ STUDIO plugin for Lightroom

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Intelligent and Innovative Time-Saving Features.

Professional quality time-lapse organizing and editing has never been this easy. The Timelapse+ STUDIO plugin is a revolutionary suite of essential tools for blazing-fast post-processing. Incredibly Intelligent and easy to use, all without leaving Lightroom.

Group Photos by Time-lapse

Quickly detect time-lapse sequences in the current library view (or your entire library if you need to get organized) and create a collection for each one. No more guessing where the first frame starts.

Automatically Identify Keyframes

Sunsets, holy-grail sequences and anything with changing conditions typically need white balance and other settings blended across many frames. The Keyframe feature will intelligently identify transitions and mark them with a star, so you can focus on editing and be confident of the results.

STUDIO will select the minimum number of keyframes for a good result. And since STUDIO isn’t controlling, you have the freedom to star additional images if you want more keyframes for creative editing.

Blend Keyframes & Animate Transitions

Once you've edited each of the keyframed (starred) images, use the Blend tool to smoothly blend the settings between each keyframe. It can also animate the crop for a Ken-Burns effect or even animate brushes and gradients for crazy stuff. Feel free to edit however you want -- the blend tool will ensure a smooth output.

In-camera exposure changes are handled automatically, too -- if you changed any camera settings during the time-lapse, don't worry -- the blend tool will feather each change across multiple frames so you get flicker-free results without abrupt changes.

Preview inside Lightroom

Get a quick idea of how the time-lapse looks before waiting for it to export and render. Playback at various speeds and even scrub through frames.

Easy to Learn

Familiar controls mean you won’t have to waste hours in forums or reading tutorials trying to learn how to use another application.


How you edit is up to you! STUDIO can handle local corrections including gradients, and brushes and more.

Automated but not opinionated

Full manual override on anything. Each step is optional and can be used alone as well.


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