Time-lapse Moab

I had the wonderful opportunity to hang out with Ron Risman's Timelapse Moab workshops this past week.  As always, I wish I had more time!  I only had a few days available, so I spent a couple days with each workshop, catching the end of the first and beginning of the second.  It was truly wonderful to get to hang out under the stars with so many interesting and like-minded people.  Ron Risman and Mike Taylor taught time-lapse photography with a special emphasis on the night sky, which of course is incredible out there.  I highly recommend the workshop to anyone interested in learning more about night-sky time-lapse -- they covered time-lapse concepts, photographing the night sky, day-to-night time-lapse, motion control systems, using the Timelapse+ and more, all in a hands on environment.

It's great to see and learn from people using the Timelapse+ in the field, and just like last time, I came back with more ideas for furthering and refining the firmware.

I especially enjoyed finally getting to meet Dave Shogren, a fellow Minnesotan and an early-adopter of the Timelapse+ from back when it was available for preorder right after the kickstarter campaign.  I've exchanged dozens of emails with him over the last couple years and it was wonderful to finally meet and do time-lapse together in such a beautiful place!

Thanks to everyone one who was part of the workshop for your welcome and company while I was there!