Notes on eclipse preparation

Well I'm now on the road in Rapid City, and the final firmware release for the eclipse is v1.8-beta7. Hopfully it works! This past week has been insane with packing orders and testing for the eclipse it all just feels like a blur.  Please test it first to make sure it works with your setup and you're familiar with the process. 

Important! If using HDR, make sure you're saving to the camera (recommended anyway). HDR saving to the VIEW's SD cord is NOT ready yet  



  1. make sure you have v1.8-beta7 installed (enable settings->developer mode to enable access to beta versions or install via sd card)

  2. plan your exposure and interval settings for each eclipse event. Use the links provided in the last blog post to help with this

  3. test it! Disable the GPS and enter the time and location for testing in Settings. The lat/lon are entered in degrees, time is 24-hour UTC time zone. More info on testing can be found in the previous post.



  1. make sure to enable the GPS or enter the exact coordinates for your final location

  2. confirm the time is current UTC time in Settings -> Set UTC time and Settings -> Set UTC Date (verify with

  3. confirm your setup -- each time you switch to eclipse mode, the settings are set to the defaults, so be sure to review them all

UPDATE: it worked! Results blog post coming soon!