Introducing...the new website!

Timelapse+ has a new home on the internet now, hosted by Squarespace.  Being a web developer myself, I hesitated to use a managed platform instead of rolling my own (like the previous site).  What I'm finally learning, however, is that just because I can do something, it doesn't mean I should do it.  The old website worked, but didn't support mobile and it was time to make updates to the Amazon payments system.  The time involved in switching to Squarespace vs. updating the old site was significantly less, and Squarespace so nicely works with Stripe, an awesome payment system.

Also, I built the old site before the Timelapse+ was even in it's final version, so I didn't have much content to work with.  Now, it's all about the content, so the site is more minimal instead to highlight the content and the product.

Along with the new website comes a better store, too, with more accessories for your convenience.  While many of the items might be found slightly cheaper (there are links to other sources, too), many people want the convenience of buying everything from the same place and having the confidence that it all works together.  Check back often as we'll be adding more items to the store here.

Thanks again to everyone who is a part of the project, from the kickstarter backers to the many hundreds of customers -- you've made it possible to keep moving forward, adding features, and of course, having fun while doing what I love!