Going to miss the 2 July 2019 eclipse?

If like me, you can’t make it to the total solar eclipse today in Chile, here are some ways to view it online:



And, if you want to practice setting up and photographing an eclipse with the VIEW, you can set up a camera and set your coordinates to that of a live broadcast. In this way, you can see how the VIEW captures each sequence. What you’re missing with this setup is that there’s no tracking involved, you won’t use a solar filter (although you could use an ND filter and compensate in the time-lapse settings to get practice with adding/removing something during the event), and the exposure is pretty much constant the whole time (compared to the actual eclipse where the exposure variations are huge and a big part of the challenge).

The Cerro Tololo Observatory is located at 30.1690° S, 70.8063° W, or when entered in to the VIEW:

San José de Jáchal, Argentina is located at 30.2417° S, 68.7466° W:

On the VIEW, disable the GPS, enter the manual coordinates of the observatory, but set the time to the current time (if it isn’t already) according to time.is/UTC

Check out the eclipse setup post to understand more about programming the VIEW for the eclipse: https://www.timelapseplus.com/blog/2019/7/1/total-solar-eclipse-2019-july-2

And of course, join me in December 2020 for the next one!