Fuji X mirrorless cameras now supported by the VIEW Intervalometer

I'm excited to finally announce Fuji X support for the Timelapse+ VIEW Intervalometer!  Fuji X has been the most requested camera family of those not previously supported.

Here's a sunset to night auto ramping time-lapse made with the VIEW Intervalometer and the X-T1:

And here's a day-night-day that ended up getting some nice aurora (surprising here in Southern MN!):


For a while this year the gphoto2 team and others have been working on it, and then in the last couple weeks someone graciously loaned me a Fuji X-T1 that I've been using for testing and further reverse-engineering of the protocol.  There were more challenges than I expected, and Fuji is right up there with Sony as far as odd protocol design and breaking standards goes, but now that I've worked through the quirks, it's actually quite reliable and robust, and I've got full control of Shutter, ISO, Aperture, Live View, as well as the ability to save to the camera or to the VIEW's SD.

I'm currently renting a Fuji X-T2 for further testing and it's working great and even can do focus ramping!  I'll write more about this soon.

To see some of the discussion on Fuji, even before I got involved, check out the thread here: https://github.com/gphoto/libgphoto2/issues/133

Here are a couple more test clips done with the VIEW + X-T1, as well as a video of the setup: 

Support for Fuji X is first introduced in VIEW firmware v1.8-beta10 and will be part of the official v1.8 release soon.

Release notes: https://github.com/timelapseplus/VIEW/releases/tag/v1.8-beta10